Cacophony of heavenly sounds |•| My campus suits my need to be immersed in nature (at Chicago State University)

Every form that you see has its original in the divine world. If the form passes away, it is of no consequence, because its original was from eternity. Be not grieved that every form that you see, every mystical saying that you have heard will pass away. The fountainhead is always bringing forth water. Since neither ceases, why should you complain? Consider this spirit as a fountain; rivers flow from it. Put regret out of your thoughts, and keep on drinking from the rivulet. Do not be afraid. The water is limitless.

When you came into the world of created beings, a ladder was set before you, so that you might pass out of it. At first you were inanimate, then you became a plant; afterward you were changed into an animal. At last you became human, possessed of knowledge, intelligence, and faith. Next, you will become an angel. Then you will have finished with this world, and your place will be in the heavens. Be changed also from the station of an angel. Pass into that mighty deep, so that the one drop, which is yourself, may become a sea.

G’mornin’ sleepy heads |•| Come on in and visit your friendly neighborhood barista |•| I makes a mean Mocha ☕ (at Currency Exchange Café)

I find myself inspecting insects more closely lately |•| Less shruggin’ and more huggin’ |•| I, mean I’d crush the little guys if I attempted to hug ‘em |•| Y’all feel me 😌 |•| Staying close to the ground (at Sanctuary)

That yung aspiring artist flow |☆| Me, myself and this dirty Chai Latte |☆| This faux gem giraffe is warming up to me (at Washington Park - 60th and King Dr.)

Trance - like |•| “Fuck em”, he says |•| Don’t blow this high |•| ..but shake the tweeter.. (at Sanctuary)

2nd official day of school |•| Art historian in the makin’ |•| Prolly… we’ll see 😏 (at Chicago State University)

One a dese days, I’ma get it right |¤| As a reminder from hindsight or this righteous flight |¤| Any way, I ain’t going down without putting up these hands lol |¤| I almost thought the ending was finna rhyme too

Megabus hires drivers with awesome personalities |•| On the road again |•| Coming home

Couple things to address wif dis here pic |¤| Confidence shot up to a hunnid the minute I stepped off the bus |¤| I thank the years of growing up in Englewood cause I felt no insecurities traversing thru these streets |¤| Lisa Trillson in full effect |¤| Plum Nova by Profixx Pigments |¤| That velour turtleneck crop top gave me hella lyfe (at MegaBus Stop)

NY |•| Bowery |•| BK |•| Newark |•| Manhattan

Y’all treated a sista too good. I plan on coming back, again and again until my mind’s made up to stay here for good |♢| Made some awesome memories with a couple good folk |♢| Took a chunk outta the Big Apple and came back, spittin’ seeds |♢| My cheeks still hurt from smilin’ so much (at MegaBus Stop)